About Malta

Malta is an archipelago found in the centre of the Mediterranean. The capital is Valletta, a historic fortification found to the east. The island has a vast historic imprint that may be seen form various monuments, buildings, cities & fortifications. Malta’s main economic pillar is tourism, and hospitality is one thing the Maltese people are good at with their welcoming smiles and warm hearts.  Malta is also very well-known for its night life. The summer months, clean beaches & sizzling heat, bring waves of tourists where the centre of attraction is Paceville in St. Julians. This small city is filled with bright lights and loud music from the various clubs, bars and discotheques, two of which are Stiletto Gentleman’s club and also the White Palace Gentleman’s club. Paceville also happens to be a few minutes away from a lovely cove type beach. Visiting the Maltese Islands is surely an entertaining and unforgettable experience !